[EN/PT] Belo Horizonte, Brazil: Solidarity with all the free spaces

MarchaDandara - Demo

February 19th: Demo against evictions, in solidarity with the self-organized community of Dandara, land in Belo Horizonte that was occupied by more than a thousand families almost four years ago. ‘Dandara, Eliana Silva, ZAD, Villa Amalias, Aldeia Maracanã, Milton Santos. No to eviction. Solidarity with all liberated spaces!’

cartaz - posterCartaz nas ruas de Belo Horizonte:

“Solidariedade com todos os espaços livres! Território Guarani Kaiowá (MS), Aldeia Maracanã (RJ), Assentamento Milton Santos (SP), Dandara e Eliana Silva (MG), Villa Amalias e todas as ocupas gregas, ZAD (França)… Nem despejo, nem grade prenderá nossos sonhos.”

Poster in the streets of Belo Horizonte:

‘Solidarity with all the free spaces! Guarani Kaiowá territory (Mato Grosso do Sul), Aldeia Maracanã (Rio de Janeiro), Assentamento Milton Santos (São Paulo), Dandara and Eliana Silva (Minas Gerais) in Brazil, as well as Villa Amalias and all the squats in Greece, the ZAD in France… No eviction, no prison will arrest our dreams.’

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