[EN] Melbourne, February 6th: Solidarity action for anarchists in Egypt

On the 6th of February we are asking for all anarchists, freethinkers & trouble makers to gather outside the building housing the Egyptian Consulate on 50 Market St, Melbourne CBD at 3:30PM in a show of solidarity for our Egyptian anarchist brothers and sisters who are currently facing serious repression from the religious fascist Morsi and his brutal Muslim Brotherhood backed regime.

The regime’s ‘justice’ apparatus have declared the Black Bloc and anarchists who first made their presence known at protests commemorating the 2nd anniversary of the Egyptian revolution as a ‘terrorist group’ and have ordered that all suspected members be arrested and detained. There have also been calls from religious extremist elements within Egypt for Black Bloc members to be beaten and executed.

As in all situations where anarchist comrades are facing repression throughout the world, solidarity is our weapon and Egypt is no exception! By making our presence known outside the Egyptian consulate we will be sending a clear message to the current Egyptian regime that the Egyptian Black Bloc / anarchists in Egypt are not isolated nor forgotten and that an attack on them is an attack on us all!

This action is in response to an international call-out for solidarity actions in support of Egyptian anarchists.

Bring banners, black flags, printed propaganda, masks etc as we would like to make a strong visual presence not only for the consulate staff but also for our comrades in Egypt!


source (photos from the action here)

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