[EN/GR] Athens, Greece: A salute to all the comrades of Black February

Black February around the world… Onwards for the everyday insurrection!

Black February around the world… Onwards for the everyday insurrection!

On February 28th, we hung a banner on a pedestrian street that marks the daily route of hundreds of children and youths to the buildings of prison-schools in the area of Petralona, wishing to send strength to the hostages of social war, either persecuted or held in the prison cells of democracy, but also to self-managed infrastructures across the world that resist repression with dignity.

The ‘Black February around the world…’ is our signal that solidarity between resisting ventures and anarchist comrades was expressed through polymorphous direct actions from Europe to Latin America, in Chile, Mexico, Ecuador, Austria, Peru, Argentina, Portugal, France, Spain, Switzerland, the UK, the Czech Republic, Uruguay, Brazil, Belgium, Germany, Greece, with agitation such as posters, banners, fliers, counter-information brochures, multimedia, texts of analysis, interventions on the streets, demonstrations, events at self-organized spaces, murals, symbolic occupations, slogans on walls, collective kitchens…

A raised fist to those who embraced this call-out of international solidarity in their own unique way, to the comrades whom we had the chance to know this month through their discourse and their deeds, as well as to all individualities and collectivities that fight against defeatism, for the constant anarchist insurgency.

Onwards for the everyday insurrection!

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