[DE/EN] Kölner Tanzdemo für Freiräume

Über tausend Leute auf der Straße. Polizeigewalt und Verletzte.

Am Abend des 2. Februar fand in Köln eine Nachttanzdemo statt auf des es um die Verteidigung des Autonomen Zentrums in Kalk, aber auch von anderen Freiräumen weltweit ging. Ebenso wurde der Kampf um Wohnraum und das Recht auf Stadt thematisiert.

Auf dem Foto ist neben dem gut lesbaren großen Transparent noch ein halb verdecktes kleineres zu erkennen, das dem seit 1996 in Bruchsal einsitzenden Thomas Meyer-Falk gewidmet ist. Freiheit für Thomas!

Ein ausführlicher Bericht ist hier zu lesen.

Report in English (sent by e-mail from Cologne):

More than one thousand people (mainly anarchists but also pedestrians who joined out of curiosity) held a night-dance demonstration on 02/02/13 in Cologne, Germany, in order to fight against gentrification and the possible eviction of the town’s nearly 3-year-old autonomous centre. The parade danced through the city with four sound systems and on its way it crossed multiple formerly squatted houses. Even though a few people had to face repression due to fireworks and provocative soccer fans, multiple speeches were held peacefully. One of them addressed the current situation of squats in Greece, criticizing police and the State. During the speeches, solidarity was shown by banners. Other topics were the alienation of citizen and city (meaning anonymity instead of community) as well  a rising rental prices and the threat of our AZ being replaced by a tiny green area (in order to get rid off the last bit of alternative culture this city has to offer).

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